Why should you choose Transgor Logistik?

  • Reliability
  • Profesionalism
  • Swiftness
  • Experience
  • Amiability
  • Trust
  • Flexibility
  • Stability

And these are not the only criteria that distinguish us.

All in all:


Oversized Freight

You have cargo that needs to reach your client, but the sizes are:

  • more than 2,60 m in width?
  • more than 14,60 m in length?
  • more than 3,10 m in height?
  • weights above 24 tons?

We have the solution!

We can execute oversized transports to lengths up to 20 m, widths up to 4,30 m, heights up to 4,00 m and weight to a max of 80 tons. The transport is done with specialized trailers with 3, 4 or 5 axles.

Choosing the optimal transport solution weighs out not just dimensions, but also the chosen destination, load/unload dead-lines and costs. The expertise of our specialists, communication and flexibility with our clients has always assured a good and timely delivery of oversized cargo.

For more information regarding Oversized freight, please contact: Mircea Gavriluta